18. October 2017
Sometimes we don't feel understood by the people around us. Our friends don't get that we don't want to get out, our family tries to put us in a box that doesn't fit and our partner....... well our partner isn't as empathetic as we thought. They start to behave as they were doing everything against our will. Sometimes we just need help regarding our relationship and that's totally fine. Trust us, this is not the end of everything. A lot of people experience that kind of situation and there is...
18. October 2017
Imperfection is what makes our lives exciting. It is the essence of our motivation to do literally anything. We always try to reach a state were we are near to perfection and often we doubt ourselves for not being perfect or even close to perfection. We all know we can't be perfect but also we all want to be perfect sometimes or want things surrounding us to be perfect. Now you might ask yourself what is the power of imperfection. The power of imperfection is simply a model which will improve...


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